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Stronghold CMS - Open Source Enterprise Content Mangagement for the Government and Corporate Sector

Stronghold CMS Platform Selection


Stronghold CMS' dependencies are all open source and can be compiled on just about anything so you can use virtually any hardware that tickles your fancy. If run on linux, Stronghold CMS can run a high volume site on very scant hardware requirements.

Operating System

The Stronghold CMS Project highly recommends Linux solutions over Windows solutions where an experienced Linux Administrator is present in the organisation.

  Linux Windows
Business Case
  • Highly scalable (more bang for buck)
  • Easier to manage if you have an experienced Linux Administrator
  • High security as a web platform
  • Lower potential for failure from OS auto-update patches
  • Easier to manage by an experienced Windows Administrator
  • Potentially easier troubleshooting path
  • Apache
    • SSL support
    • APXS
    • mod_rewrite
  • PHP 5
    • ldap support
    • support for your database
  • Samba
  • mod_auth_ntlm_winbind
  • IIS
  • PHP 5
    • ldap support
    • support for your database
  • IIRF

Database Platforms

Stronghold CMS comes with full support for:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL

Stronghold CMS can be run successfully on other database platforms compliments of the database-independant design, it's just not directly supported.

Databases are ordered by prefered platform.

  Windows Linux Performance Licence Standards
PostgreSQL Yes Yes High Free Yes
PostgreSQL is Stronghold CMS's recommended database platform. It has demonstrated rock-solid, high perfomance capability in production environments.
Microsoft SQL Server Yes No Moderate Moderate Yes
Microsoft SQL Server is a reliable RDBMS and is well supported in corporate organisations, but it does not scale as well for high volume sites. As a platform, it has the highest amount of service disruptions from "updates requiring reboots".
Oracle Yes Yes High Expensive Yes
Oracle's great, it's just expensive! The same reliable high-performance results can be acheived with PostgreSQL, so Oracle is only recommended if you already have an Oracle investment.
MySQL Yes Yes High Free No
MySQL has the highest performance of our supported platforms and could be a worthwhile investment for high-volume read-intensive sites. It does provide some development hurdles for our programmers because it doesn't fully implement the SQL ANSI standard, but that's more our problem than your problem :)

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