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Stronghold CMS - Open Source Enterprise Content Mangagement for the Government and Corporate Sector

Modules and Plugins

Stronghold CMS uses both modules and plugins.

Modules are system-level extensions to the system and include full support for record keeping. They come packaged with the installation.

Plugins are user-level extensions to the system, are quick and simple to write, and are completely abstract (they let you colour outside the square).

Stronghold CMS Modules

  • Generic Text Module
    Allows editing of text documents.

  • News Module
    A news scheduler designed to alllow the publishing and removal of individual news items based on start/end times, while still maintaining record keeping compliance.

  • Plugin Module
    Plugins basically act as a hook for a PHP include file. Like any PHP include, you can write your plugin to be as simple (eg. "Hello World") or as complicated (eg. "DB Interaction") as you desire.

Stronghold CMS Plugins

Stronghold Plugins are extremely easy to write. Create the php file to use for the plugin in the "_plugin" folder, use the plugin module to create a new placeholder for your plugin, and then select your plugin.

The plugin module is called at the end of the execution process, this way all approval workflows are still applied. All the document data is made available in the $document array.

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