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Stronghold CMS - Open Source Enterprise Content Mangagement for the Government and Corporate Sector

Stronghold CMS - Enterprise Content Management

Stronghold CMS is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) designed for corporate and government organisations, and pays particular attention to record keeping philosophies and collaboration amongst multiple staff members.

Why Stronghold CMS?

  • Editing in Context - simply browse to the page and click "edit"
  • Features both WYSIWYG editing and manual HTML editing
  • Standards Compliant (W3C)
  • METAdata support for Dublin Core and AGLS
  • Document Revision Control (+Record Keeping)
  • Approval Workflow per Workgroup, not per "Person" (but a workgroup can have 1 person)
  • Meaningful URL's
  • Support for Major Database Technologies
  • Excellent Scalability
  • Powerful Multiple Domain Management (Labyrinth)
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Seamless Windows Authentication (no login dialogues)
  • Security Focused Design
  • Extremely flexible and easy to "skin" a CMS
  • Easily Extendible

Why Not Stronghold CMS?

Stronghold CMS is an enterprise-level solution for the government and corporate sector, it may be a football for people looking for a tennis ball. The system is limiting by design to comply with legislative requirements.

  • Do you need workflows and approvals?
    Some small sites may have no need for approval workflow (do you want to have to approve your own documents?).

  • Do you want to keep a copy of every binary (eg. pdf,doc,jpg) ever published on your site?
    Stronghold CMS keeps a complete revision history for posterity of every file resource ever published on your site. This has an expensive disk storage overhead when compared to a basic CMS.

  • Do you have a Microsoft Windows Domain?
    Stronghold's authentication systems are tightly integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, and optimised for Microsoft Internet Explorer (although it also comes with full support for Mozilla Firefox).

  • Does the size of your website warrant an enterprise CMS?
    Stronghold is not a "quick and simple" website manager for a 5 page business website. The overhead/expense of managing this type of CMS could easily outweigh the cost of rendering a dozen HTML pages.

Stronghold CMS is released under Version 3 of the GNU General Public Licence.

© Copyright 2018 Scott Barnett
All rights reserved. Logo